A Comprehensive Introduction to Cross Gate: New World for Novices

New World

Magic Cube Games Ltd. has created Cross Gate: New World, a Japanese MMORPG specifically designed for mobile play. Those that enjoy this genre of game will not be disappointed as the graphics and illustrations of characters are attractive and the turn-based combat is well-executed. The visuals, music, and story-telling provide a fully immersive anime experience. It has a user-friendly interface and a clean design, making it worth a try.


Getting the Game Set Up

Redfinger’s official website offers an emulator version of Cross Gate: New World, which can be tailored to your computer. After installation, you can enjoy the mobile gaming experience directly from your PC, including the capability of playing multiple instances simultaneously.

Beginning the Adventure: Choosing a Character and Crafting a Backstory

When logging into the game, new players have the opportunity to pick one of six distinct characters as their protagonist. These characters come with both male and female options, giving players the choice of their preferred avatar. After entering their character’s name, they can start their thrilling journey in the new world. They can join in battles with a variety of pets, similar to the concept seen in well-known anime series like Pokemon, which is referred to as “sealing” pets in Cross Gate: New World. Players can enhance their pets, learn new abilities, and enjoy a diverse and absorbing nurturing process. Furthermore, the game also offers a wealth of captivating storylines to uncover.

Investigating the Rules Behind Video Games

As players progress in the game, the plot is gradually unraveled, allowing them to comprehend the tale of how their characters arrived in this realm. Guided by the game’s directions, they can then pick a career such as swordsman, fighter, archer, magician, missionary, or sorcerer. Every job has its own distinctive part, like physical damage dealers, tanks, healers, or controllers. The game supplies initial gear and a basic pet to lend a hand to gamers in dealing with adversaries encountered in the initial stages.

In Cross Gate: New World, players need to equip their characters with weapons, armor, and accessories. These items are divided into four tiers: white, green, blue, and purple. The rating of the gear determines their effectiveness, with higher ratings providing more potent attributes. The equipment can be obtained by slaying monsters, engaging in activities, or gathering materials. Bear in mind that all equipment has a durability which decreases when used in combat. Gamers can repair and power up their gear with the help of various in-game mechanics. The same goes for pets which come in five grades: ordinary, precious, rare, excellent, and legendary. The higher the quality, the more strength the pet has.

Enhancing the Gaming Encounter to its Full Potential

For the best gaming experience as a rookie, it’s essential to become acquainted with the game’s material. Completing main quests is an important factor in character advancement, providing experience points and allowing for level up. Though, some of these main quests may have limitations based on levels, necessitating participation in daily quests in order to acquire experience and further progress. Completion of daily activities involves a variety of tasks, such as Hundred-Person Dojo, family building, regional security events, monster hunts, and character bios.

By taking part in activities, players can obtain rewards like runes and experience points. Doing activities that give XP boosts is the best way to raise your level quickly. The Hundred-Person Dojo, for instance, gives out experience rewards after completing stages. Moreover, making use of the daily rewards and optimizing family construction tasks can help your character grow significantly. The game provides several options to get pets, such as quest rewards, catching monsters on outdoor maps, and drawing golden pets through lotteries.

Seal cards can be used by players to capture pets, with various ways to obtain them such as quests, a monthly card, and weekly events. It’s essential to know the distinction between captured pets and golden pets, since they have different attributes and talents. Dismantling golden pets can provide higher-level transformation scrolls. Understanding the cooking system is beneficial for gameplay, since it can grant temporary attribute boosts which are advantageous in PvP. While cooking ingredients can’t be bought from the auction house, they can be gathered to make one’s own meals. It’s noteworthy that the cooking system is intricate, with some ingredients only obtainable during certain seasons or at higher levels. Maximizing your resources can be done by prioritizing cooking dishes that appeal to your needs.

To Sum Up

This is a useful guide for those just starting out in Cross Gate: New World. If you have any queries regarding playing the game on your PC, the Redfinger Android emulator provides answers and pertinent information on its official website.