Best Internet Services in Japan

Best Internet Services in Japan

If you are traveling to Japan or looking for an internet service in Japan, there are many options. You can choose from pocket Wi-Fi devices, SIM cards and providers such as hotels, trains, and cafes.

The best option for travelers is a portable wireless network connection using Wi-Fi or a mobile router. However, this can be difficult to get in some locations and it’s often expensive.

Softbank Air

Softbank Air is a wireless internet service that requires no installation of a broadband line at your home. It is offered at select stores in Japan, or can be purchased online via the Internet.

This internet service is also available for visitors to Japan and short-term residents. Various plans are available, with differing connection speeds, data transfer limits and network usage.

This service is available in all major cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Unlike some other wireless internet services, Softbank Air does not offer a data-usage limit and does not have temporary speed restrictions.

Softbank Hikari

Softbank Hikari is a popular choice for foreigners as it offers fast internet at reasonable prices. Unlike other internet services, Softbank Hikari uses a fiber-optic network from NTT East and NTT West for its connection.

BBIX is a virtual network enabler (VNE) for NTT East and NTT West, which means it has a Japan-leading VNE connection capacity. This capacity can be used for comfortable connectivity when a large amount of traffic is being generated on the Internet at the same time.

BBIX also supports comfortable use of cloud services. The company announced that it is now offering a direct connection to Zscaler via its own network. This allows users to access their cloud services without worrying about security issues, a key issue for remote work.

Docomo Hikari

Docomo Hikari is a super fast fiber optic broadband service offered by Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Docomo. This internet provider offers both mobile and fixed services and is a great option for those looking to get their Internet needs met without breaking the bank.

It is also a great choice for foreigners living in Japan as it offers English support. It has a minimum usage period of three months, and offers flexible contracts and cash and international credit card payment alternatives.

The maximum speed of this internet service is 1Gbps, and it also offers bundled discounts to Softbank smartphone users. However, it is only available in certain areas of Japan and is not suitable for people living in large residential buildings.

Au Hikari

Au Hikari offers high-speed broadband Internet using optic fiber that is available at a reasonable price. It also provides a telephone service that is comparable to NTT-subscribed phones in terms of quality, reliability and functionality, as well as multi-channel TV broadcasts and video on-demand services.

The service also uses IPv6, a high-speed data transmission technology that ensures stable data transmission, even at night when communication lines are often congested. Its price is competitive compared to other fiber-optic services.

However, the contract can be difficult to understand for non-Japanese speakers and it can take longer for the service to be installed in your home. For this reason, you should consider other options if you don’t want to wait long for installation.

Nuro Hikari

Nuro Hikari is one of the best Internet Services in Japan for those looking for a high speed connection. It is also known for its low prices.

It uses GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network), a fiber-optic connection that can transmit up to 2Gbps of data downstream. This is a great choice for those who use their home internet for work, study, or entertainment.

In addition to the highest speed available in Japan, NURO Hikari offers unlimited data for up to three months after subscribing. It is also available in more locations than most other providers.

When you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your subscription. Approximately one week after you subscribe, you will also receive documents that contain the service plan and contract terms.