Top 10 Shoe Brands

Top 10 Shoe Brands

There are plenty of shoe brands out there that can help add flair to your look, but certain stand-out models have made an impressionful statement that can elevate any ensemble. Here are a few we recommend as must-haves.

No matter if it is for running in the morning or formal dinner attire, these top 10 shoe brands are certain to help you find your ideal pair.


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Clarks is an iconic British shoe brand with over two centuries of heritage. Their designs are known for being comfortable yet practical while boasting modern style.

Clarks shoes stand out among their competitors as quality and durable choices that won’t break the bank, perfect for making an impression without breaking your budget.

Clarks was established by two brothers from Somerset in 1825. Cyrus and James Clark began creating sheepskin rugs before realising some offcuts could also be used to craft slippers; thus starting a successful family business that eventually would be taken over by William, who mechanised the shoemaking process.

Clarks remains a household name in the UK and remains a go-to choice for those looking to make an impression through their footwear. You’ll find everything from classic brogues and contemporary heels – as well as boots – in their extensive selection.

Clarks offers an assortment of styles and colours that are ideal for transitional seasons, making the brand an excellent option when building a versatile wardrobe. Furthermore, women-specific sizes are also offered here!

Steve Madden

Steven Madden is an iconic shoe brand, offering women of all ages an extensive selection of stylish yet comfortable footwear. Their products span casual wear to evening attire as well as sandals. Additionally, this label is known for their trendy designs with cutting edge details.

Products produced by this company are sold across various international markets, particularly Australia, Israel and Mexico where its brand has an established following. Furthermore, several stores can be found within the US itself.

Steve Madden is an iconic footwear brand with over 30 years of history in business, serving women, men and children worldwide with fashionable footwear designs and apparel products sold through department stores as well as online outlets like Amazon and Macy’s.

Steve Madden has become so successful by focusing on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, drawing consumers even during economic downturns with its stylish products and trend-driven styles.

Alongside its own shoes, the company also licenses some popular foreign brands such as Dolce Vita, Betsey Johnson and Blondo.

This company has experienced exponential growth across wholesale channels, particularly department stores. This growth can be attributed to its attractive prices and name recognition; customers especially love its chunky super high platforms which have become an enormously popular feature of its collection. Celebrities also regularly wear the company’s shoes in advertisements.

Peter England

Since its establishment, Peter England has proven a popular and effective brand, being used by millions worldwide.

The company is well-known for offering top-quality clothes and footwear, providing items for both men and women. In addition, there is also a loyalty program which rewards customers who make purchases.

Customers can access their items and connect with customer service if any need assistance with their orders.

Peter England offers its items at competitive prices, making them more accessible to people looking for high-quality products without overspending. This makes Peter England an invaluable source of quality items without breaking the bank!

Furthermore, these shirts come in an array of styles and patterns for people to find the ideal shirt.

For example, those searching for casual shirts can opt for those featuring a relaxed fit. Specialty options like wedding shirts are also available to them.

Peter England offers women a range of styles and colors for everyday wear. These styles include floral prints, stripes and solids. If you prefer more formal attire you could select a buttoned shirt made from cotton or linen; furthermore there is also embroidery- or print embellished styles available too!


Bata is one of the world’s premier shoe brands. Established by Tomas Bata in Zlin, Czechoslovakia in 1894, its story can be traced back over 130 years to today – when its operations extended to more than 70 countries around the globe.

Since its founding, Bata has prioritized improving customers’ lives both short-term and long-term. Their aim is to offer high quality shoes at competitive prices while providing unrivalled customer service.

Bata’s distribution network connects customers from all around the globe, while offering free repairing service ensures longevity of its footwear products.

The company offers products tailored specifically for men, women, and children that address specific needs with unrivalled comfort levels.

As a global brand, this company must adapt to each culture and population’s mindset in each market it operates in through product design, marketing strategy and distribution channels.

Bata has successfully utilized digital and social media campaigns to promote its shoe lines. One such effort, “Have We Met?” by digital agency Section allows users to share personal messages while selecting their favorite pair of Bata shoes – making this an effective way for the company to connect with younger consumers.


Liberty offers an assortment of products. Their battery-operated water features are particularly renowned, allowing for convenient mobility without mains electricity requirements.

Additionally, they also provide their customers with a range of services, including health insurance and financial assistance benefits.

Customer service excellence is another draw to working with them, which explains why so many choose them as their service provider. Insure4Life offers life, medical and disability policies to its clients.

An additional factor behind their popularity among consumers is due to their cost-effective prices, making them an excellent option for students on tight budgets.

They provide an assortment of different shoes, such as sneakers, boots and sandals.

This company also offers various health and wellness services, such as yoga classes and massage therapy, which helps it remain competitive in the market and attract more customers.

Additionally, they offer numerous employee benefits. These include a retirement plan which helps employees save for retirement; health insurance for their staff; discounts on products and services offered; as well as highly trained and qualified personnel that help provide exceptional customer service.